The Power of In-Person Events for Your Business

In a digital age, it can be easy to prioritize a virtual presence over in-person events. However, in-person events for local businesses can be essential for customer engagement. Engagement grows brand awareness, establishing personal connections with customers and brand interaction. In-person events can nurture the growth of a local audience that keeps wanting to come […]

Strengthen Your Business by Defining Your “Why”

The most successful businesses have a defined “Why.” “Why” doesn’t mean making a profit or gaining exposure. Instead, it’s a purpose, belief or cause that is the life force of your business.  In 2010, Simon Sinek presented the Golden Circle model in his viral TedTalk. The Golden Circle is formulated to differentiate your brand’s value […]

Leveraging Emotion in Advertising

Leveraging Emotion in Advertising With the sheer volume of media circulating today, it is vital to create advertising that sticks out among the crowd. It no longer matters how big the audience is that is exposed to an ad, but whether or not it catches their attention amidst the chaos of content. Evoking emotion in advertising […]

Case Study: Bosh to the Bigs

Bosh to the Bigs: Case Study Business Background The client in this case study is Bosh to the Bigs. Bosh to the Bigs is a UNC baseball podcast produced in Chapel Hill by Boshamer Bulletin, an email newsletter and website focused on all things Tar Heel baseball.  Bosh to the Bigs launched in March 2021 […]

Case Study: Alamance Community College Lead Generation

Case Study: Alamance Community College Lead Generation By Elizabeth Efird The Client Alamance Community College, based in Graham, North Carolina, is one of the first organized community colleges in the state. Since its founding in 1958, the student body of Alamance has grown to more than 5,000 and offers 25 workforce development programs.  The ACC […]

Case Study: Alamance Community College Facebook Ads

By: Charlotte Geier The Client The client in this case study is Alamance Community College. Alamance Community College is an established educational institution located in Graham, North Carolina.  Alamance Community College has three different academic divisions and a range of degree offerings, workforce development, apprenticeship programs and its WiSDEM program for students to participate in.  […]

How to Appeal to College Students

By Anna Southwell Targeting your business’s marketing efforts toward college students, especially for those located in a college town like Chapel Hill, is a valuable method to establish and maintain a loyal consumer base.  “Gen Z” is a tech-oriented generation, constantly consuming all forms of online content, especially during the pandemic. But with this age […]