Bosh to the Bigs: Case Study

Business Background

The client in this case study is Bosh to the Bigs. Bosh to the Bigs is a UNC baseball podcast produced in Chapel Hill by Boshamer Bulletin, an email newsletter and website focused on all things Tar Heel baseball. 

Bosh to the Bigs launched in March 2021 and hosts current and former UNC baseball players and coaches alongside other special guests on the show, providing these guests a platform to speak about the sport. 

The podcast is produced by sports reporter Pat James and UNC broadcaster Kyle Straub. The podcast can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud. 

Problem at Hand

Bosh to the Bigs needed a brand image and audio content editor. Here is our case study on the brand image. The audio content needed consistency, professional editing and special music and effects to make it cohesive.

Strategy Used

After auditing Bosh to the Big’s audio content, 1893 Brand Studio decided to edit the podcast to include consistent music and formatting. The podcasts begin with recognizable music and an introduction and debrief of the current UNC baseball scene. This is followed by interviews of coaches and players and/or analyses of the team by the hosts. 

1893 Brand Studio assigned campaign strategist and Account Services Director Collin Pruitt to continually edit these podcasts. 

“I used Adobe Audition to edit the podcast every week,” Pruitt said. “For the first podcast, I found some royalty-free music to make the podcast more interesting. I included the music in the intro and outro as well as throughout the podcast for filler music. I would listen to the podcast completely each week, taking out long pauses and editing out any background noises. (Xanax) ”

Listeners and downloads over time
Listeners and downloads per episode
Listeners over time


The Bosh to the Bigs editing by 1893 Brand Studio ended up producing a significant increase in listeners. The team took on editing the podcast in March 2021 and the podcast consistently increased in listeners through May 2021, when it hit its peak of approximately 250 downloads per month. The production was well-received by the client, co-host Pat James. 

“From ensuring our sound is up to par to making suggestions that improve the overall quality of our podcast, Collin is an invaluable member of our team,” James said. “He cares about making a great show every time, and that’s evident in his work.”


The audio editing completed the podcast, making it professional, engaging and concise. The use of one editor made the podcast consistent and facilitated clear communication between the client and 1893 Brand Studio. You can learn more about audio and video editing in this 1893 blog post. 

The podcast listeners dipped after May 2021, but this is due to the decrease in episodes produced by the client in the college baseball off-season. The onset of UNC’s next baseball season in February should cause an increase in podcast listeners again. 

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