By: Matilda Marshall

Every year, people are spending an increasing amount of time online.The problem for advertisers now is that the market is already saturated with hundreds of thousands of online ads. So how do brands stand out from the crowd?

The answer is video-based content. One of the best ways to connect with a target audience is through videos. They foster a more personal connection than just text or photos and stand out on consumers’ daily feeds. 

But how do brands create compelling video content?

Be relatable

The great advantage of videos is that they allow for more personal connections – boring, monotone language won’t accomplish this, though. It is critical to keep your message interesting and engaging by writing clear copy.

Keep it simple

People won’t stick around for long videos. You need to present your brand in the quickest, most efficient way possible. Figure out what information is most important and put the focus on that. One of the most effective ways to do this is by clearly defining your brand

Use powerful visuals

As with any story, you need to know your audience. Do you need bold, colorful shots or a more muted, understated tone to reel in your viewers? And don’t forget the importance of a high-quality look; your audience should see your attention to detail and feel that you care about both your business and them. Choose visuals that will engage your target clientele.

Consistency in branding

Maintain a common thread throughout your media presence to improve brand awareness. This relates back to your visuals – is your brand bright and upbeat or serious? Pick a theme and stick to it across all of your social media platforms.

Direct your audience

You can’t cover everything in a short, eye-catching video. To keep your video clear and build your customer base, direct your audience to another platform that contains more detailed information. The video is just how you reel someone in.

How 1893 Brand Studio Can Help

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