By: Jordyn Burrell

The Client

Bosh to the Bigs is a UNC baseball podcast presented by Boshamer Bulletin, an emailnewsletter and website dedicated to all things Tar Heel baseball. 

The podcast was started by sports reporter Pat James and UNC broadcaster Kyle Straub in March 2021.  The podcast is not only used to provide a conversation centered around UNC baseball, but also gives players and coaches the opportunity to talk about a sport they love.

The Problem

As a newly started newsletter and podcast, Boshamer Bulletin and Bosh to the Bigs needed branding that was cohesive but also unique for each individual product. 

The Strategy

In order to create a solution, 1893 Brand Studio created a logo for Boshamer Bulletin, a podcast cover for Bosh to the Bigs, and an email header for their newsletter. To have consistency between the design of the podcast cover, newsletter, and website, two 1893 Brand Studio graphic designers coordinated with one another while making their graphics. 

First, the Bosh to the Bigs podcast cover was designed by Katy Rice, and then, Anna Allen designed the Boshamer Bulletin logo and email header. The podcast was created with the UNC baseball theme in mind. To emphasize the baseball content, the cover includes a graphic of Boshamer Stadium using UNC colors and a baseball in the center. 

Anna used Katy’s design as inspiration and a tool to be consistent with the font and look of the logo and email header. One challenge that came up during the design process was incorporating Carolina Blue and white into the design since those colors do not provide a good contrast. 

Ultimately, for the email header, they decided on using Carolina Blue and white and chose to incorporate other UNC colors into the other designs of the podcast such as the video overlay.

“We wanted there to be a focus on it, but light blue and white aren’t the easiest to see when overlapping,” says Anna Allen. “We had to decide what sort of colors we were going to do instead, and we decided to go with the rest of the UNC palette like navy and gray with hints of Carolina Blue.”

The Outcome 

After working with our 1893 Brand Studio designers, Pat James took our brand designs, and they are now on display on the Boshamer Bulletin website and newsletter and the Bosh to the Bigs podcast. 

This past year, Bosh to the Bigs released podcast episodes on Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, and Tune In and plan to continue the podcast for the Diamond Heels’ next baseball season. The Boshamer Bulletin continues to be updated weekly with new blogs discussing UNC baseball.