How Can Businesses Use Chat GPT?​

How Can Businesses Use Chat GPT? by Rishabh Vemuri Illustration by Abby Pallant What is ChatGPT Technology has been one of the most influential forces  of the business world in the 21st century. After Google’s search engine became commonplace across disciplines, ChatGPT is the newest technology to have such a profound impact.  ChatGPT, founded by […]

Four Key Takeaways From the Barbie Movie’s Marketing Campaign Success

4 Key Takeaways from the Barbie Movie’s Marketing Campaign Success 4 Key Takeaways from the Barbie Movie’s Marketing Campaign Success Four Key Takeaways From the Barbie Movie’s Marketing Campaign Success by Lacy McKee Illustration by Abby Pallant With a $150 million budget, over 100 brand collaborations, and a shattering box office gross of over $1 […]

Social Media Analytics for Small Businesses

Social Media Analytics for Small Businesses by Claire Doan Illustration by Haley Watkins Most businesses produce social media content on several different platforms, employing content strategies on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and several others. With the existence of so many different platforms, it becomes difficult to know what is working with your social media and […]

Marketing for Small Businesses

Marketing for Small Businesses by Erica Boey Illustration by Natalie Peña-Galvis Navigating the Marketplace Unlike big corporations and companies, small businesses lack the resources to carry out big marketing campaigns. However, there are many ways small businesses can make the most out of their circumstances to build brand awareness and increase outreach. Leveraging social media […]

Marketing to Gen Z

Marketing to Gen Z by Ashley Sipe Illustration by Nia Freeman Generation Z, which includes those born between 1996 and 2010, is a tech-centric, social and inquisitive generation. Having lived through the Recession of 2008, the rise of smartphones, multiple social protests and the Covid-19 pandemic, this group is now approaching or currently entering adulthood. […]

Alumni Spotlight: Tran Nguyen

Alumni Spotlight: Tran Nguyen by P.J. Morales More than anything else, 1893 Brand Studio alum Tran Nguyen wants to make an impact on the world.  In her current role as a Senior Account Executive at TBWAWORLDHEALTH in New York City, she’s already been given that opportunity. Nguyen joined TBWA/WORLDHEATH with the goal to eventually work […]

Content Marketing Ideas

Content Marketing Ideas by Catherine Yoder Illustration by Gabi Allen For a successful brand, useful content should be at the core of your marketing strategies. In this modern world where everything is constantly changing, traditional marketing is slowly losing its effectiveness. Content marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to attract and retain customers by […]

When is a Logo Redesign Right for your Business?

When is a Logo Redesign Right for your Business? by Gabi Allen Illustration by Gabi Allen Every successful brand has a well-designed logo. Take a second and consider where companies like Nike and McDonalds would be without the iconic swoosh and the globally recognized yellow arches.  Logos help a business stand out and distinguish them […]

Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Campbell

Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Campbell by Lacy McKee Sarah Campbell came into UNC-Chapel Hill as a biology major on the pre-med track. The track she’s on now?  The race track.  As an account executive of brand marketing for NASCAR, Campbell works in the fast lane to manage NASCAR’s intellectual property and licensed branding. It was her […]