How Can Businesses Use Chat GPT?

by Rishabh Vemuri

Illustration by Abby Pallant

What is ChatGPT

Technology has been one of the most influential forces  of the business world in the 21st century. After Google’s search engine became commonplace across disciplines, ChatGPT is the newest technology to have such a profound impact. 


ChatGPT, founded by OpenAI, is an artificial intelligence chatbot that varies from preceding search engines as it applies large language model (LLM) technology. A large language model is capable of generating text as a response to queries. ChatGPT’s detailed responses to queries of various topics makes the LLM a tool worth using for modern-day businesses.


The software’s conversational structure can better interact with the individual user due to the LLM technology. The detailed responses paired with the manner in which they are delivered offers businesses the opportunity to streamline important tasks. This includes enhancing digital reach, generating ideas as vantage points, and efficiently engaging in research and analysis all in a cost efficient manner.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, involves multiple steps to enhance the digital reach of businesses through their websites. Read 1893 Brand Studio’s blog post on how SEO can help business websites here.

One of the vital features of effective SEO is keyword integration. For a business in a particular sector, the necessary keywords can be found through observing other businesses in the sector. While sometimes the keywords to be used can seem limited, querying ChatGPT can result in finding new words that represent a business in a new light. A simple query to use is, “List keywords words related to…”

To take it a step further, a user can ask the LLM to generate frequently asked questions about a specific topic. A query that can be used is, “What are frequently asked questions about…” If these questions were to be integrated into a business’s website, they can better match search engine queries so that a website can surf to the top of results.

Generating Ideas – Writing Copy

Getting stuck at the drawing board for new ideas? ChatGPT can help a business with that too.

From a new slogan to art concepts, ChatGPT’s conversational technology can develop preliminary ideas based on specific queries. ChatGPT uses large amounts of data to curate these responses so that they are accurate to the genre of the query. Use queries such as “Generate slogans for…” or “Describe an artistic representation for…”

ChatGPTs artistic representations are text-based rather than actual images which is left to its image-based counterpart DALL-E.

In terms of marketing, since the tool generates text with its LLM technology it could generate longer forms of text as well, useful for copy. A query such as “write about…” would help streamline the process of coming up with preliminary drafts of copy.

It’s important not to copy ChatGPT’s text word-for-word as its source is still internet data, so the chances of it being deemed as plagiarized in SEO algorithms is high. With increased use of ChatGPT, a pattern of responses may be noticed which demonstrates the model pulling from existing data rather than generating its own unique data. 

The LLM technology, though, can be beneficial because the text generated could serve as a vantage point to observe and identify beneficial copy formats while writing and drafting.

Research and Analysis

ChatGPT gets its information from a variety of sources within its dataset that was last updated in 2021. As a result, querying for condensed research on a specific topic could prove useful while using ChatGPT. A basic “tell me about” query could be used for getting started on research.

In terms of analysis, ChatGPT has multiple functionalities to digest existing text. For businesses that value timely digestion of new information, querying ChatGPT to summarize a piece of text while providing a link to the source material will result in the model analyzing and generating a summary of the text.

In addition to analyzing published material, ChatGPT can check unpublished text that a user is working on as its input. The model can check and fix possible spelling mistakes or edit text along parameters the user describes. For example, if a user inputted their copy and asked the model to ‘elaborate’ on a specific portion of the text and ‘fix any spelling mistakes,’ the model will do so. An additional functionality is for ChatGPT to review inputted text for how effective it is at delivering its intended method while offering potential changes.

ChatGPT can be more than just a “cool” new technology observed from afar. In application, its unique functionalities can help enhance business processes across a variety of fields as its massive database can cater specific, text-based responses to very unique queries. 

While it is not recommended to directly copy the model’s responses, ChatGPT can offer a great new vantage point for businesses to be inspired and realize new ideas for developing their projects. Work with 1893 Brand Studio to expand on those ideas and tangibly apply them to grow your business further.