Alumni Spotlight: Gabby Torres

by Shamil Luqman

Gabby Torres, a UNC Hussman alum, currently serves as a project manager at Digitas Unlimited. She began her journey with Digitas as an intern during her college years, eventually leading to a full-time role as a project manager. In her day-to-day responsibilities, she adeptly manages timelines for client deliverables and production, oversees partnerships, engages in social media strategies and handles data and analytics. Her client portfolio spans both international and domestic realms, requiring meticulous management and strategic thinking.

Torres says the most important aspects of being a project manager boil down to juggling multiple departments and working in a structured way. She believes organization is the key to success, describing her work as having to “go with the chaos of it all times.” Adapting to the unpredictable elements of the work environment is key to thriving in the fast-paced world of project management.

At 1893 Brand Studio, Torres was a brand strategist and a project manager. In this capacity, she supervised internal projects and facilitated communication between the studio and brands. Reflecting on her time at the Brand Studio, she emphasized the invaluable real-world experience she gained, particularly the opportunity to engage with clients face-to-face. This exposure allowed her to delve into the client’s perspective, a skill she credits to her success as a project manager. The practical experience of presenting to clients honed her project management skills, enabling her to navigate professional communication and build lasting business connections. Her ability to effectively communicate, both during her time at 1893 and in her current role, not only solidified her standing as a project manager but also provided a foundation for cultivating meaningful connections within the industry.

“As much as I like doing some of the internal work and typing stuff up, I think having that real-life experience of being able to talk to clients and people who actually know what they’re doing in the real world was extremely beneficial and being able to work with other like-minded individuals on those teams,” Torres said.