Alumni Spotlight: Megan Royer

Megan Royer, a 2018 UNC Hussman School of Media and Journalism alum, presently holds the position of Strategic Communications Advisor at FGS Global in Washington DC.


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Alumni Spotlight: Gabby Torres

Gabby Torres, a UNC Hussman alum, currently serves as a project manager at Digitas Unlimited. She began her journey with Digitas as an intern during her college years, eventually leading to a full-time role as a project manager. In her day-to-day responsibilities, she adeptly manages timelines for client deliverables and production, oversees partnerships, engages in social media strategies and handles data and analytics. Her client portfolio spans both international and domestic realms, requiring meticulous management and strategic thinking.

Level Up Your Market Research

The quality of your market research can either make or break your project or business. Here are three key tips to improve market research for your business:

Alumni Spotlight: Sophia Alem​

After studying both Media and Journalism and English Literature at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Sophia Alem started a new adventure in New York City but left an impact on her family at the 1893 Brand Studio.

Alumni Spotlight: Jack O’Grady​

Alumni Spotlight: Jack O’Grady by Delaney Garver Meet Jack O’Grady – the 1893 Brand Studio Alumni whose initiative pioneered the Alumni Spotlight.    O’Grady’s journey to becoming a media and journalism student at UNC wasn’t a straight line. His vast interests led him to switch majors and try several positions before landing at the 1893 […]

How to Target College Students as a Small Business​

How to Target College Students as a Small Business by Cameron Shaw Illustration by Lacy McKee Connecting with college students can be a great way to reach a broader audience for your business and appeal to a younger demographic. However, marketing to college students introduces unique challenges in comparison to other demographics. Here are some […]