How Brands are Using Twitter to Engage Audiences

How brands are using Twitter to engage audiences By Jordyn Burrell In recent years, Twitter has grown to be the sixth-largest social media network worldwide. With more than 192 million Twitter users, it’s a great platform for growing your audience and, in return, your business.  Many brands can use these demographics as a tool to […]

Making Your Social Media Smarter

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay Making Your Social Media Smarter By: Olivia Foley Having an active online presence for your business is a great way to quickly and casually interact with current and potential new customers. Creating a social media plan that works for your business can not only establish your brand, but set […]

How to Write Social Media Captions

Photo by dole777 on Unsplash How to write captions for social media posts By: Britney Nguyen While photos are important for showing off your business, the captions that go along with them need to be just as attention-grabbing.  Social media captions create a personality for your brand online. They not only add context, but can […]

How to Market Your Brand on TikTok

Image by Kon Karampelas from Pixabay How to Market Your Brand on TikTok By: Amelia Jerden Social media is one of the best ways to market your brand, and it has become the industry standard for brands to advertise on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But what about TikTok?  TikTok currently has around 800 […]

Growing Your Business with Influencer Marketing

Growing your business with Instagram Marketing By Anwar Boutayba As we all know, the future of business rests in the hands of social media marketing, but social media marketing contains many dimensions. Influencer marketing has slowly become the future of social media marketing.  Most importantly, the spread of influencer marketing means that anyone (with the […]

How to Leverage Social Media for E-Commerce

Photo via Pexels by Thirdman How to Leverage Social Media for E-Commerce By: Tran Nguyen Picture this: it’s a quiet Wednesday night, and you’re sitting on your old couch scrolling through Instagram. You see a brand you follow post a newer, cuter couch, reminding you that you’ve been meaning to replace this one for a […]

Making the Most of Instagram Stories

Photo via Pexels by Tracy Le Blanc Making the Most of Instagram Stories By Grace Beasley It’s no question Instagram is one of the most successful forms of social media for promoting your company and brand. Instagram Stories not only help you boost your posts but also directly engage users with your content by adding […]

Four Things to Know About Social Media Rebranding

Social media rebranding: Four things you need to know By Praveena Somasundaram In a digitized world, having an up-to-date social media presence is more important than ever for local businesses and organizations.  In 2019, a Pew Research Center survey showed that a majority of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram users use the platforms daily. The normalcy […]

How to Build a Brand on Social Media

Photo via Pexels by Kerde Severin How to Build a Brand on Social Media By Lauren LaTulippe Everyone wants a strong social media presence. But people don’t just follow a company’s Instagram solely because they like the product or service, but rather because the company’s social media adds something to their feed.  And usually, that […]

A Quick Guide to Posting Images on Social Media

A quick guide to posting images on social media By: Carson Elm-Picard Countless companies are trying to establish a presence on social media by investing in interesting posts. But one thing that often goes overlooked is how to optimize those eye-catching images so they don’t appear blurry or pixelated.  Whether you are posting a new […]