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Making Your Social Media Smarter

By: Olivia Foley

Having an active online presence for your business is a great way to quickly and casually interact with current and potential new customers. Creating a social media plan that works for your business can not only establish your brand, but set your business apart from the competition. 

Creating Your Social Media Plan

One of the best parts about using social media is that it’s cost effective. Most of the time, creating a page or profile for your business is free. 

But it is also important to build your social media using a plan. Answer these questions:

Finding your audience and creating interesting content for them is a crucial part of developing a social media presence. The platforms you choose will also have a major impact on online engagement with your business. 

For example, if your business is trying to attract younger customers, Instagram and TikTok are great places to start. For an older demographic, Facebook is more catered to their interests. Finding and cementing a plan that works for your business is a learning process.

Open Conversations

A great advantage of having a social media presence is that it allows your business to directly interact and converse with its consumer base. By consistently engaging and interacting with current and potential customers through social media, it creates a sense of loyalty and trust between business and consumer. 

There are many options for open engagement: Facebook Groups, user-based contests, branded hashtags and more. Interactivity with your business will boost engagement and increase ongoing sales. You can use these outlets to start crucial conversations about your business and brand. 

Using open engagement is a two-way street, meaning you should interact with your consumers just as they interact with your business. A great way to do this is reposting followers’ posts, opening Q&A sessions and providing consumers with more in-depth content such as specified blog posts or outside resources to answer their questions. 

Quality v. Quantity

When creating posts on any platform, focusing on the quality of your posts rather than the quantity is more effective. Social media users don’t want to be spammed by a constant output of posts, but maintaining a consistent posting schedule that works for your business is important. 

Your business’ posts should have value, meaning there should be a purpose behind your posts. Curating your content to your specific consumer base is an effective way to attract new customers and keep returning customers engaged.

Using analytics on various social media platforms is a great way to see when people interact with your content and account(s) the most. Analytics also provide valuable insight into which parts of your social media plan are effective and which parts need work. They allow business owners to see and use data that helps them to follow trends and minimize risk in their social media plan. You can find analytics based on performance, competition, influencers, audience and more. 

For More Information

Creating a personalized online presence for your business has become an essential marketing tool in a growing digital world. The best advantage is using social media to help your business in a way that works for your goals. 
If you would like to learn more about building a social media plan for your business, contact 1893 Brand Studio. We have an amazing team of social media marketing experts ready to make your work even easier.