Tips and Strategies for Starting a Small Business

People assume that you need undivided attention, thousands of ideas, contacts, and an unending supply of materials in order to establish a small business. Have you ever considered establishing your own small business but believed it would be impossible to balance work and life, or perhaps doubted yourself, not knowing where to begin?   Side […]

Strengthen Your Business by Defining Your “Why”

The most successful businesses have a defined “Why.” “Why” doesn’t mean making a profit or gaining exposure. Instead, it’s a purpose, belief or cause that is the life force of your business.  In 2010, Simon Sinek presented the Golden Circle model in his viral TedTalk. The Golden Circle is formulated to differentiate your brand’s value […]

Understanding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Within Marketing and Communications

By Olivia Rojas There’s a demographic shift occurring — especially in the United States. Organizations are trying to meet a variety of demographics through relevant marketing and communications outreach towards diverse groups. To do so successfully, brands must first understand the role of inclusion in marketing. When it comes to the industry, it is important […]

Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Advertisements

In today’s age, nearly every business is using some form of social media to connect with its clients. Social media advertisements are a great way to do so strategically.  Advertising looks different and can reach a different audience depending on the social media platform used. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are some of the more common […]

Effective Communication in Client Relationships

Strengthening Client Relationships Through Effective Communication Consistent, effective communication is essential to building healthy and productive client relationships. Forming long-lasting business connections is an essential skill that takes time and effort.  For our tips on creating a positive client experience as well as gaining and keeping mutual trust, read on. Communicate Proactively Waiting until the […]

What Should You Put on Your Business’s Website?

Photo by Tranmautritam from Pexels What Should I Put on My Business’s Website? By: Collin Pruitt Building a business website is a simple task that can elevate your business’ engagement and generate new customers.  Butwhile business websites are a great way to display your products and services, they can be difficult to design. With countless options of themes, […]

What’s a Blog Good for?

What’s a blog good for? By Olivia Foley Now more than ever, businesses need more than just an online presence to connect with their customers – they need a blog. A business blog showcases your brand’s story, keeping loyal customers engaged while generating leads for potential customers. Creating a blog is a great way to […]

Why Does Whitespace Matter in Web Design?

Photo by on Unsplash Why Does Whitespace Matter in Web Design? By: Jojo Yang Whitespace refers to the empty spaces that surround content on a webpage. It’s easy to think these empty spaces on a webpage are a waste that should fit in some additional content. But more is not always better.  Instead, whitespace […]

Why Your Brand’s Colors Matter

Why your brand’s colors matter By: Carson Elm-Picard As cliche it might sound, first impressions are important.  The first time a prospective customer lays eyes on your logo, advertisement, website or social media can determine whether or not they visit your business. Every detail of your visual branding must effectively communicate your message.  One aspect […]