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What’s a blog good for?

By Olivia Foley

Now more than ever, businesses need more than just an online presence to connect with their customers – they need a blog. A business blog showcases your brand’s story, keeping loyal customers engaged while generating leads for potential customers.

Creating a blog is a great way to increase website traffic, which in turn is likely to create more reservations, purchases and engagement with your business. 

Blogs create many positive opportunities for your business, such as highlighting past success, opening a direct line of communication between you and your customers and cementing your identity online and in the community. 

Show What Your Business Can Do

You work hard for your business, so use a blog to show that off. Highlight your success by sharing stories of past wins and customer testimonials on your website, which is helpful when trying to bring in new clients or customers. 

As the voice of your business, blogs should advertise the expected results of your products or services and strengthen the sense of trust between your business and your customers.

Stand Out in the Crowd

Blogs also develop your business’ unique identity and set you apart from local competitors. Offering entertaining content – such as photos – will engage viewers and contribute to a sense of brand loyalty.

Threadless, a clothing and home decor company, uses their blog to highlight their unique model of promoting original art/designs from an online community of independent artists. Their blog features their unique designs with a casual and comical tone, and works to connect to their audience of artists and art-lovers.

Sharing Important Updates

Especially during the pandemic, blogs keep your customers updated on new policies or business practices that might stray from the norm. A blog functions as a line of direct communication, which is important when changes happen suddenly.

Critically, an active blog helps gain and maintain the support of customers after business practices are able to return to normal. Regularly posting content keeps customers engaged even if a business has been temporarily shut down due to COVID-19 regulations.  

Starting a Conversation

Blogs open the door for conversations with others in the industry and current or potential customers. Allowing comments on your blog is a great way to accept feedback and address questions people may have about your business.

In addition, using a relatable tone and adding a personal or conversational blog to your website establishes an open line of communication between your business and the public. This is not only engaging for your customers, but it also shows that hearing from the community is important to your business. 

For More Information on starting a blog

Creating and maintaining a blog is a great way to cement your business’ online presence at a time when virtual experiences are so important. Showcasing a personal touch to your website through a blog will not only keep current customers engaged, but also has the potential to draw in new customers. 

If you would like to learn more about creating a blog or other ways you can optimize your website to help your business, contact 1893 Brand Studio. We have an amazing team of writers and website designers, making your work even easier.