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Why Does Whitespace Matter in Web Design?

By: Jojo Yang

Whitespace refers to the empty spaces that surround content on a webpage. It’s easy to think these empty spaces on a webpage are a waste that should fit in some additional content. But more is not always better. 

Instead, whitespace is an essential design element that can greatly improve design solutions. Here are some reasons why you should use whitespace in your web designs: 

1. Improves readability and scannability

Research shows whitespace improves reading comprehension. Text and content presented too close together will make the interface appear cluttered and difficult for visitors to read. 

Instead of presenting a heavy chunk of information all at once, an ample amount of whitespace and good typography practices create some “breathing room” for the eyes. 

2. Draws focus and attention

A cluttered interface is a distraction to the eyes. 

Using whitespaces on a webpage establishes visual hierarchy and eliminates distractions, helping your users better focus on the important content. 

Think about Google’s search engine interface. Without potentially distracting content, the eyes immediately focus on Google’s colorful logo and the giant search bar underneath it. 

3. Looks appealing

Besides using white space to improve comprehension and draw attention, whitespace can also be used for aesthetic purposes. 

Many companies and brands have taken the minimalist approach for their websites by using whitespaces. Using Google’s search engine as an example again, the interface looks clean  because of its simplicity. 

Google search engine uses whitespaces effectively.

4. Sophistication 

Not only can using whitespace create a minimalistic feel, but it also creates a sense of sophistication. Many brands have used whitespace in their designs to make their brand website and products look elegant. 

For example, the whitespace on Apple’s website helped visitors focus on their products’ look and creates the feeling that the company’s products are expensive. 

If used correctly, whitespace improves user usability and experience, makes an interface look better and establishes the brand. It can be tricky to figure out the right amount of whitespace that will improve the design while not making the content of a page look like notes jotted down on a blank piece of paper. 

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