LinkedIn may not be the most fun or exciting social media platform your business engages in, but it is one of the most important. As the largest professional network on the internet, LinkedIn is an incredibly useful tool that brands can use to market to different audiences. 


With over 740 million users, LinkedIn presents so many opportunities that it can sometimes be daunting for businesses to navigate the site. However, when organizations take the time to learn the simple steps to using Linkedin, they can significantly boost brand awareness.


Individuals use LinkedIn to search for jobs and internships, create and strengthen professional relationships and learn new skills.


Similarly, companies can use LinkedIn to grow their brand by expanding their networks and sharing useful information about their organization. They can also use LinkedIn to recruit employees and stay up-to-date on trends.  


If you’re interested in growing your business through Linkedin, this guide provides an outline of the platform and ways you can make the most out of its features.

Create a Company Page

The first step is setting up a company page for your business on LinkedIn. When constructing your profile, take the time to stay true to your brand and don’t be afraid to be creative.


Create a profile that will make LinkedIn users want to learn more about your organization and its products or services.


There are a variety of sections to fill out when starting your business’s account, including a profile picture, a background photo, a tagline, a bio and an about section.


Using great visuals can help your organization stand out among similar companies. Be sure to create a cohesive profile that showcases your brand’s personality and successfully describes what you have to offer and what makes it unique


Form Connections and Interact with Others

After initially setting up your profile, it is time to make connections with other accounts that are relevant to your business.


LinkedIn company accounts are not permitted to follow others, however, you can invite your employees and other professional connections to follow your page to stay up-to-date. Get your clients or partners involved by engaging with their posts.


When trying to reach new followers, consider those in the industry, individuals who might be interested in your products and people who are local to your company’s location. 


Creating LinkedIn Posts 

The best way to market your company on LinkedIn is by frequently posting interesting and relevant content that professionals will genuinely be interested in learning more about. 


Companies’ posts help keep their brand on consumers’ radars and attract new audiences when people in your network interact with the posts. 


When making a post, you can add photos or videos and you can tag other accounts. Many companies link relevant articles in their posts, highlight employees and share more details about their products or services. 


It is important to incorporate keywords and phrases into your posts so that the right consumers can find your page. 


LinkedIn Advertising

In addition to building their own profile by creating posts and interacting with others, businesses can also invest in LinkedIn advertising to reach new consumers. LinkedIn offers a number of different kinds of advertising placement options that can help your business achieve its specific goals. 


By investing in advertising – whether its Sponsored Content, Dynamic Ads, or Text Ads – businesses have a greater chance of engaging LinkedIn users with related interests. LinkedIn advertisements can target specific profiles who interact with companies similar to yours. 


Overall, using LinkedIn is a powerful way to reach consumers in a more professional setting. By consistently sharing engaging posts and interacting with others, brands can reach a variety of marketing goals. Brands have the chance to solidify their brand image and express to others exactly what their organization has to offer.