In a digital age, having a presence on social media is vital to the success of a company, and incorporating Instagram into your marketing is beneficial for engaging and reaching your audience. Marketing on Instagram provides businesses with a platform to attract clients, engage with current clients and further promote your product and brand. 



It’s no longer enough for a business to just have an Instagram account. As a successful brand, it’s necessary to understand Instagram’s tools and how to utilize those tools to get the most out of your time on the app. 

Engaging with the Audience

Using Instagram as a way to engage with clients is one of the best ways to build lasting client relationships. Instagram has shown to have the highest levels of customer engagement when compared to Twitter and Facebook. 

Some companies will utilize promotions, such as taking 10 percent off when a post is republished to a story. This direct engagement not only increases brand awareness but gets the clients engaged with the company. Companies should also invest time in community outreach, following customers back and responding to any comments left on their post. 


Utilizing the Business Profile 

Instagram offers businesses the advantage of labeling their accounts as business accounts, which will help boost their posts and provide insight into the post interactions. These analytics help businesses to see: 


Effective Posting

Businesses have several different options on Instagram when it comes to the type of content to post. Each of the following types of posts help a brand grow.

Companies should understand their audience and following base to determine which posting options are best for their unique brand. If your business is not already implementing these tactics into your marketing, open your Instagram app and start now. 


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By Ashley Sipe