The advertising world is constantly advancing and changing. Businesses need to look out for these three important marketing strategies in 2022: video marketing, next-level user experience and community engagement. These three tactics are all emerging strategies for your business to increase its reach, connections and overall engagement. 

Top 3 Necessary Tools

To break it down, video marketing is growing in popularity and increases a client’s attention when compared to textual marketing. Next-level user experiences not only represent a company as well-organized and professional, but also increase the return rate of clients. Hosting events allows for a business to create a network and establish itself within its community. Once these strategies are implemented, your business should see a positive increase in return.  

Why does it matter? 

Having a great business is not enough to be successful in today’s market. A business must be able to effectively advertise its product in a way that resonates with its target audience. For instance, there are plenty of event spaces in the Chapel Hill area. If you opened one, you could focus all of your effort on being efficient as a business, but if you also successfully advertised your space as new and trendy for young adults, you’d see much more interest. 

Every day there are new products and innovations being introduced to the market, so understanding these marketing tools will help a business stand out to the public. 

Video Marketing 

Using video marketing is your business’s first step for success. Examples of video marketing could include video advertisements, product explanation videos or videos for social media. Some positive outcomes of including video marketing in a marketing strategy include: 

Strong User Experience 

Another necessary tool needed for marketing in 2022 is having a strong positive user experience. This includes having a clear and easy-to-navigate website with a direct explanation of how and where the company or product can be accessed so that you can ensure clients have all of their questions answered. 

Hosting Events

Hosting events is the final essential marketing tool businesses need in 2022. Events, such as benefit nights, giveaways or special themed nights, will increase the engagement a business has with its community. Benefit nights and other paired events are very popular among student organizations and usually result in large numbers of advertisements and purchases. 

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