Looking to find a solution or learn a new skill? Chances are that you, and most consumers, will turn to a video for help. Learn to make instructional how-to videos to teach others and grow your business. 

By: Daniela Rodriguez

Learning a new skill in the digital age can be as simple as swiping down on your phone and making a quick search. You’ll be faced with countless sources, from step-by-step articles to short and sweet TikToks. 

Instructional video tutorials are at the intersection of these two popular formats and can provide a deeper understanding while keeping the visual component. With video consumption steadily on the rise, learning how to execute educational content well can be pivotal to building trust in your brand and growing your audience. 

Do your research

Whether you own a small business or simply have a skillset you’d like to share with the world, your first step will be to research what your audience wants to learn, as well as the information already out there. Ask yourself, what are common Google searches related to your business or field of expertise? How can you improve upon existing tutorials? 

Using this information, you’ll be able to create a video that bridges the gaps in knowledge you discovered, while also demonstrating your expertise. By facilitating the learning process, you are set to gain support and could even gain new clients. 

Build a script

Although you may feel confident enough about your subject to teach it on the spot, it is beneficial to have a written guide to avoid any wordiness that could risk losing the audience’s attention. 

Consider the time people are willing to spend on a search, and the differing skill levels they bring to the table. A good script will cover the main steps concisely and in common terms, revisiting key points throughout to keep viewers engaged. 

Don’t be afraid to infuse the script with a bit of your personality. After all, you’re selling yourself along with your brand. 

Shoot it!

Now that you’ve studied your audience and created the perfect script, you’re ready to film. Video work can be daunting for beginners, but focusing on the fundamentals will help guide you. 

Make sure your camera of choice – this could even be your phone – is stable, and that your background is well-lit. You can achieve the first step with a tripod, or by propping your camera up on a surface. Good lighting can be achieved with an external light, but you can just as easily use the natural light available to you. Make sure to keep your angles consistent so the editing process runs smoothly.

Refine the post 

Editing will allow you to add information through graphics and callouts. You can give your audience context to guide them toward your site or other videos. Always add a call-to-action, or a message prompting your viewers to act, at the end to ensure viewers engage with the content. 


Once your short how-to guide is complete, the next step is sharing it with your audience. Increase your reach by including a clear title that names the problem and implement SEO for videos. Your video should include a short description with keywords that make the video easier to find in a search. 

For help creating your first video and optimizing its reach, contact 1893 Brand Studio’s Multimedia Team.