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Social media analytics: your guide to tracking them

By Kayla Famolari

If you’re in charge of your company’s social media analytics, it is critical that you also understand how they can benefit business. 

Social media analytics and campaign measurement tools are vital in order to create a successful strategy. These tools will show you what strategies are working and which aren’t, to allow you to better focus your time, efforts and budget.

What are social media analytics? 

Social media analytics are data from various social media sites – from audience to engagement and beyond. You can analyze and evaluate that data to make important decisions for your business. Most importantly, analytics provide insights into understanding your audiences

Tracking analytics helps you to understand what type of content your audience likes by showing what they engage with most. It can also allow you to find when your audience is most often online and engaging with social media posts, in order to maximize the number of individuals who see your content. 

Additionally, analytics are also important as they can identify which social platforms receive the greatest amount of traffic. This can help businesses understand where to focus their content, saving both time and money.

What metrics you should track

The metrics you track will be determined by the social media goals you set. Each goal will have a related metric that will help to determine if your social strategy is having a positive impact. For example, if you want to increase engagement with your brand, it will be important to track the likes and comments on each of your posts. 

Other examples of metrics to track include the following: 

Each of these metrics are important to understanding your progress and whether your campaign is on track to be successful.

Ways to track metrics 

There are many different ways that you can track social media metrics. Each social media platform has its own native analytics for you to look at. For Twitter, you go to Twitter Analytics. Facebook data can be found in the Insights tab. For platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, you will need to have business accounts before you can see the data. 

If you want the ability to look at insights from all of the platforms at once, there are many third-party social media tools available. Some of the most popular options include Sprout Social, HubSpot, Hootsuite Analytics and Keyhole. These tools can fit any budget and can save marketers time on manually creating reports and putting together different data.

Need help tracking your social media analytics?

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