A modern consumer is surrounded by screens, all filled with visual content fighting to get their attention. Standing out requires a commitment to creative and compelling photos in every aspect of your content.

By: Jack O’Grady

Let’s be real – the average consumer today doesn’t have the time, or the attention span, for your content. 

In the age of social media, consumers are conditioned to expect instant gratification and eye-catching visuals in every aspect of their experience. It’s a media environment of constant scrolling, where your content has a few seconds to make an impression before being swiped away.  

And you might think that consumers visiting your website won’t have the same itchy trigger-fingers as social media users, but they’re scrollers too. 

Whether they’re following a link from social media to your site or visiting on their own, they still expect instant and constant interest to keep them engaging with your content. 

There’s no getting around the influence of social media. In fact, the only way to be truly successful now is to adapt to it. 

Keeping up in the social media age

Think impact.

In the few seconds consumers give your content, you have to make an impact. Blocks of text, no matter how well-written, won’t get the job done in the little time you have to get your audience’s interest. 

And the key to grabbing consumer’s attention is filling your website with compelling visuals. 

Think of the media environment your audience is used to. Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook. All of these platforms are dominated by images. Your audience will expect that in your content as well. 

A strong photo goes a long way to keep consumers engaged. Remember the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words,”? It’s best to take it somewhat literally when thinking about the visuals of your website. 

How to use strong photos effectively

Strong photos act like hooks to bring in readers. They’re what grabs consumers’ attention and coaxes them into engaging with your content. 

But you can’t just lead with powerful images – you have to earn your audience’s attention every step of the way. Putting strong photos in all aspects of your site insures your content is consistently compelling and therefore keeping your audience engaged.

What should you look for in the photos you choose? 

  • Rather than settling for a basic stock image, consider investing in higher-quality graphics or making your own visual content
  • The graphics you choose have to do more than just complement the content, they have to sell it. That should be at the forefront of your mind when deciding what to publish on your site. 
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with it. If you’re getting bored making or choosing visuals for your site, then you need to take a step back and find a new approach.
  • Another smart move is to work visuals into every piece of content your audience sees. This means putting high-quality visuals into emails, newsletters, social media posts, etc.   

Consistency is key

Strengthening all your content with compelling visuals not only gets more eyes on your business, it creates a more consistent brand experience for your audience. 

Consistency keeps them interested in your brand every time they interact with it, and it will lead to strong returns in traffic and engagement for your content and your business.