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Using an Email List to Boost Your Business

By: Kat Pritchard

Email lists are a convenient and effective way to maintain connection with your customers, as well as attract new ones. 

Mailing lists can be used for a variety of reasons: sending new blog posts, asking for feedback or simply connecting with your audience outside of social media. You can even use an email list to send out your brand’s newsletter, another helpful marketing strategy.

Do email lists really work?

Research has shown you are six times more likely to get more views on your email campaigns than on a tweet. This is especially important because while you don’t own social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you own your email list. 

If social media platforms change their policies, your insights and SEO research may suddenly become useless – a risk you don’t face when curating and creating your own email list. 

Email is also much more personal than social media. The average person has seven social media accounts, which means they are constantly splitting their time between each one. 

But Americans can spend more than five hours checking their email each day. This means not only are you more likely to get your message across, but you’re also better able to connect with customers. By simply addressing a customer with their name, you can create a feeling of connection between you and them.

Top 3 tips for your email list

  1. Don’t buy an email list

While it may seem tempting, buying an email list of subscribers is never a good idea. The people on this list who receive emails are likely to mark you as spam without opening it, and you’ll come across negatively to them. It’s always better in the long term to focus on creating organic connections with customers who express interest in your brand.

  1. Your subject line is important

Your subject line is the first part of your email the customer sees. If they aren’t intrigued by it, they’ll be less likely to open it. Using power words to pique their interest such as “update”, “sale” or “new” will increase the likelihood that the reader will open the email.

  1. Use visuals to your advantage

Visually pleasing emails are always better than something disorganized or unpleasant to look at. Another important part of emails is the organization of information – you want to emphasize the important parts of your content. Using images will also make your information easier to comprehend, versus a wall of text.

Looking to start your own?

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