Trolly Stop Social Media

Trolly Stop, a hot dog restaurant on Franklin Street, was struggling with the student consumer-base on social media. With tough competition and an already established bar scene on Franklin St., Trolly Stop had difficulty solidifying itself as a “go-to” restaurant. Specifically, the problem was with using social media to stay connected.

That’s where 1893 Brand Studio came in.

Through collaboration and direction from Trolly Stop, 1893 developed a wide variety of strategies to improve the restaurant’s business. The first part of the partnership included creating a monthly social media calendar to create content that would be posted on Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis. The Multimedia Team at 1893 Brand Studio visited Trolly Stop to take photos for social media posts.

Trolly Stop Facebook

With 1893 Brand Studio’s help, Trolly Stop’s social media following had grown. Trolly Stop was up nearly 100% in likes and page follows on Facebook in the first semester of working with us. The Facebook posts featured photos of Trolly Stop hot dogs and other food items.

Trolly Stop Instagram

As a result of a giveaway promotion 1893 Brand Studio helped coordinate, Trolly Stop’s Instagram following also spiked.

For more about 1893 Brand Studio’s social media marketing work, check out our website here.