Top 4 of '24: Super Bowl Ad Takeaways & Leveraging Advertising Strategies for Local Businesses

by Ella Bartosik

Illustration by Madison Cabilin

Once again the Super Bowl advertisements have exceeded expectations with their ability to captivate, entertain, and keep viewers talking long after the final whistle. While the game may be  over, the advertisements will resonate within the industry for years to come. These commercials serve as a testament to strategic thinking and creativity that capture the attention of millions of viewers worldwide. Digging into the different approaches and strategies that large companies use on their big game day ads can offer valuable insights for local businesses to step up their advertising game. 


“Worth Remembering,” Uber Eats 


This year, an overwhelming majority of advertisements went for a mass-appeal humor approach. What one person finds amusing, another may not, making the comedic approach difficult to pull off. This makes it challenging to appeal to a diverse audience. Additionally, humor can sometimes overshadow the intended message or brand, putting the advertisements’ effectiveness at risk. However, when done well, humor is arguably one of the best ways to captivate the audience. With that being said this year’s Uber Eats ad hit every mark on being hilarious and bringing attention to the audience that they do more than just deliver take-out.Using a humorous approach to an advertisement can not only bring a smile to the watcher’s face but can be extremely effective. 


“Picklebabies,” E*TRADE


When viewing any year of Super Bowl ads it is obvious that celebrity fixation is a recurring theme. The use of celebrities is so common because companies feel they tend to have significant influence and appeal to a wide audience. Although the viewer enjoys seeing their favorite celebs on screen, it is not always needed to make a great advertisement. A perfect example would be the “Picklebabies” ad that features animated babies playing pickleball. The trending game has grown in popularity over the past few months, making it highly relevant to pop culture. This advertisement utilized a trend and incorporated humor to subtly plug their company. “Picklebabies” made its way to one of the tops of 2024, being able to stand out without using celebrities. 


“Javier in Frame,” Google 


Google successfully took the approach of pulling at the heartstrings of the viewers. Advertisers often leverage emotional appeals to connect with their audience on a deeper level, recognizing that emotions play a significant role in consumer decision-making. “Javier in Frame” showed the accessibility of their new phone for the disabled community, specifically those with impaired vision. Instead of just telling the consumers to buy the phone they present functional product features in the context of effective emotional storytelling rather than in place of it. This advertisement showed more than just the product itself, it also demonstrates the ethical values of Google and reflects their commitment to inclusivity and social responsibility. In today’s world, this goes a long way as consumers are increasingly drawn to brands that align with their values and demonstrate a genuine desire to make a positive impact. 


“Old School Delivery,” Budweiser 


The Clydesdales made an appearance with its labrador retriever companion on screen for this year’s Super Bowl. The Budweiser Clydesdale has been a part of the big game for thirty-six years, making it a distinguishable aspect of the brand. Having consistently in branding and advertising over the years reinforces the nostalgic association with the brand, making it instantly recognizable in people’s minds. When a brand continuously delivers nostalgic content that resonates with the target audience, it becomes more than just a product – it establishes a strong brand identity. This helps Budweiser differentiate itself from its crowded market. Using this strategy makes it easier for consumers to recognize and remember a brand amidst a sea of options. 


At 1893 Brand Studio, we use strategies, like the ones from the Super Bowl advertisements, to help local businesses reach their big game goals. Check out our specialized teams and services to learn more about how we can help your business step up in the big marketing game.