Raw Health Products Case Study

By: Sarah Clark


Raw Health Products is a health and fitness-oriented business that markets all-natural pain relief products. The company is based in Chapel Hill and focuses on whole, natural ingredients and self-care. Its audience extends to all of the U.S. but is particularly geared towards fitness enthusiasts and millennials. 

One of our Campaign Strategists, Caleb Petty, describes Raw Health as “an honest company that really wants to make better the lives of its customers.” Petty has been working alongside Raw Health for about 6 months.  

The product line includes rawHeat and rawIce in both a cream and roll-on version to offer pain relief through natural heating or cooling. These products are available both on the Raw Health website and on Amazon. 

Raw Health Products is a bold and creative brand that emphasizes a healthy lifestyle, and its all-natural pain-relief products help people get back to doing what they love, without fear of pain. 

The Problem

Raw Health wanted to increase its brand awareness, establish a stronger presence on social media, solidify their brand identity and increase engagement with their audience. It also wants to better utilize e-commerce and drive sales to their website. Finally, Raw Health found it had been struggling to establish consistency on social media platforms.

The Strategy 

To address these goals, 1893 Brand Studio took over Raw Health’s social media accounts – specifically Facebook and Instagram – and developed detailed content strategy for each platform.

From captions to hashtags to interacting with other accounts, the Brand Studio team managed every component of Raw Health’s social media.  

This project was a cross-collaboration with our strategists, graphic designers, photographers and videographers, as we started the campaign with an emphasis on content creation that we could then turn into social media content.

We understand the value of a brand, so it was important to us that we worked hard to match and reinforce Raw Health’s brand identity at all times through our work on social media. This isn’t easy and it took a few tries – but we’re always willing to commit to get it right.

One of 1893 Brand Studio’s team members, Jake Mory, created many different graphics for Raw Health’s social media through Canva. He says, “Using templates for the Instagram stories and then tweaking everything to match their brand image worked really well.” 

The Outcome

Since beginning our campaign, the content we’ve produced together has seen an increase in engagement, is more relatable and captures a consistent personality. 

Overall, the majority of Instagram users that interact with Raw Health are consistent with its target audience, and we see the most success with posts that feel young and fresh, with a bold design and an eye towards engagement. 

We have seen that users are pulled towards more personable posts and attitudes and enjoy light and positive content. Along with increased engagement, the following has increased by at least 300 since we began our work with Raw Health.   


We produced cohesive material that connects with the target audience. To do this, the photos, graphics and videos our team produced are consistent and fresh. Additionally, the copy is light, positive and focused on wellness. Carefully following their branding guide when creating graphics is crucial when reinforcing Raw Health’s identity. This has successfully created a consistent theme throughout their profile, as you will be able to notice when you look at how the posts fit together. Engagement is particularly high on posts that follow these guidelines compared to older posts that do not.   

Not every business owned has the ability to invest a part of themselves in every area of their brand, but the folks at Raw Health do. It was very important that whoever the owners worked with understood their brand and their mission. To ensure our work aligned with the vision of Raw Health, we met with them weekly to go over the social media content calendar and took it day-by-day. In addition to the calendar, whenever we produced work, we made sure to sit with the client and review it, then make any changes necessary. 


Raw Health came to us with low engagement and a desire to grow followers. We partnered them and will continue to, creating multi-channel content and strong social media stories so that people can discover Raw Health and get back to doing what they love.

Our team at 1893 Brand Studio is equipped to help any business achieve and surpass your marketing goals. We work alongside our clients to brainstorm creative methods of increasing brand awareness and engagement while staying true to the values of their brand. 

Photo taken by Melissa Fernandez
Graphic designed by Sarah Clark
Graphic by Amy Metzinger