Make Your Website Stand Out

by Daniyah Khan

Illustration by Sophia Alem

In our heavily digitalized world, a website is one of the most important components to truly selling your brand. While social media can be used to hook a potential customer in, a successful website will actually carry out the final step in the process of a potential consumer becoming a brand follower. As a website owner, you want to ensure that your website stands out from your competitors! With the tips listed out below, you will be able to create a website that gives your business a competitive advantage. 

  1. Utilize a modern and clean design:

A website should look fresh and updated, always appearing to be in touch with styles that are both on trend and timeless. Ensure that the design is easy to navigate and has good accessibility features. A simple and uncluttered design is important so viewers can get to whatever information they need quickly. 

  1. Visualize with high-quality images and videos: 

Visuals can show what you offer as a brand and can make your content more appealing to viewers. Images can also help viewers grasp the material more quickly and will create a lasting impression. Using consistent imagery can make your website more memorable and set your website apart. 

  1. Optimize for mobile: 

Almost 50% of website users are currently through mobile devices so it is important that your website is functional on diverse screens. When you put any elements such as photos, videos, or text, ensure that they translate well on mobile devices so customers aren’t clicking out and going to a competitor. 

  1. Focus on a personalized user experience: 

Personalization tactics such as recommendations or call to actions can engage the users further and create a more relevant and relatable experience. You can do this by using distinct headlines to address different needs and create a consumer journey from there.  

  1. Use A/B testing: 

You can test different elements on your site to identify what works best to improve performance. Since you are constantly testing to see what can be changed, your website can be set apart from competitors. 

  1. Offer exclusive free resources for visitors: 

A key part of standing out from competitors is offering your viewers something that they won’t get somewhere else for an affordable price: FREE! You can survey your audience and ask what kind of resources they want. Examples of free resources can include an e-book, sample, or webinar. A great perk of offering free resources is that you can hook your audience and they will want to come back to you to pay for resources now! 

Now that you have these tips in your back pocket, don’t forget to employ them and make your website stand out. Here at 1893 Brand Studio, we can specialize in more strategies on how to accelerate your website. Reach out to our incredible team of campaign strategists for a personalized approach to make your business stand out. To learn more, check out some of our services and case studies.