Flyer marketing is a relatively inexpensive way of grabbing people’s attention for your business. Need help making your flyer stand out? Read our latest blog about how to make an effective flyer for your business. Photo from

How to make an effective flyer for your business

By Katy Rice

Effective flyer marketing is a relatively inexpensive way for your business to grab people’s attention. 

But if not done effectively, your marketing costs can build up over time, so it is important to make sure your flyers are the best they can be. 

How do you make the best flyer for your business? Here are the top five things to focus on when creating business flyers.

Effective Flyer Rule #1. Keep Your Content Brief

Don’t get too complicated. 

Viewers who pick up flyers with lots of information aren’t going to take the time to read everything. Just like billboards only have a couple of seconds to make impressions on drivers passing by, your flyer only has a few seconds to catch pedestrians’ attention. 

Keep your message short and to the point. Limiting your fonts to two or three will also help keep your flyer from looking too busy and disorienting. 

#2. Create A Catchy Headline

If laid out correctly, your headline is going to be the first thing viewers look at. Make sure the headline is bold, impressionable and catchy. You want viewers to want to read your flyer, so make that first impression count. 

#3. Use Colorful and Striking Graphics 

Color psychology is becoming more popular in the world of marketing, so it is important to consider color when making your flyer. Using certain colors can evoke different emotions for your viewer, so research a bit about the colors you have chosen to use to see which ones best fit your message. 

Graphics also play a pivotal role in grabbing your viewer’s attention. Rather than going heavy on text, go heavy with graphics. This will create interest and the more striking your graphics are, the more likely the viewer is going to want to read about them. 

#4. Use Compelling Testimonials

Incorporating testimonials into your flyer will add personalization. 

Showing that real people enjoy your product can be very persuasive to new customers. Make sure the testimonials you end up using are well-written. Reviews that focus on a particular product or business details are good places to start. 

#5. Don’t Forget To Add Directions

Include your contact information! 

Make sure those who read your flyer know exactly how to contact you. Including socials is also a great way to gain traction. Whether you are advertising your physical shop or a website, make sure to give viewers a clear direction on how to locate your business. This will also encourage the reader to hold on to their flyer as a future reference.

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