Forever & Company is a wedding professional company based out of Raleigh that specializes in wedding shows. 


By showcasing desserts, catering, venues, DJs, wedding attire, photographers and more, Forever & Company connects engaged couples with everything they need for their big day to go perfectly to plan. 


When partnering with 1893 Brand Studio, Forever and Company desired consistent articles going out on their blog. The company was on different social media platforms and wanted original blogs to share. The company also wanted to bring down the age of their audience to their target demographic, 18-34 year-olds.


Forever & Company was looking to expand its website’s blog section, with more SEO blogs and vendor spotlights. This initiative tied into their larger aim of increasing discovery among their target audience: 18-35 year-old brides-to-be and their friends, family and grooms.


1893 Brand Studio strategically targeted Forever & Company’s 18-35 year-old audience using wedding-related blogs and vendor spotlights. 


This specific strategy was selected after carefully auditing Forever & Company’s buyer funnel. Here is the meeting agenda used to guide Forever & Company in the right direction. These specific steps were developed to assess Forever & Company’s target audience and set an end objective for the client. 


Targeted questions like “What is our desired end state?” “If I’m the user, what are my steps from top to bottom?” and “How are we measuring success?” gave the client insight into their customer’s perspective. Finding the answers helped them set quantitative and qualitative objectives to strive toward in this targeted content strategy. 


Next, 1893 Brand Studio presented Forever & Company with an SEO blogging proposal. The package included a six month timeline for the release of four monthly feature blogs and four monthly vendor spotlights, all designed for SEO  by 1893 Brand Studio. Here is a sample of one of the feature blogs produced. Here is a sample of one of the vendor spotlights produced. 


Finally, 1893 Brand Studio provided Forever & Company with a lead generation audit to better target the established 18-35 year-old audience. We recommended they use OptinMonster, a powerful lead generation software the company integrated with their existing Mailchimp account and WordPress website.  


Tran Nguyen, the account manager for this project, ensured client relations between Forever & Company and 1893 Brand Studio were personal, working alongside the client individually to specialize this plan of attack. 


“I quickly learned what communications and management styles worked for our points of contact,” Nguyen said. “For example, they really appreciate knowing where everything is in the pipeline as it’s moving, so I try to update them oftenThey also appreciate flexibility in a partnership.” 


Tran has also been integral to balancing the project’s many moving parts. Her organization has helped keep the content release schedule on track, and ensure that Forever & Company is receiving the benefits of this campaign in a timely fashion. 



1893 Brand Studio has consistently provided Forever & Company with the expected eight monthly blog posts, all designed for powerful SEO impact. 


“We have been successful in consistently creating and posting content on a regular schedule,” Nguyen said. “Consistency is a huge key in marketing success, so I’m glad we’ve been able to maintain that.” 


Overall, these blog posts successfully targeted a younger demographic and can be found on the internet by anyone looking for wedding planning advice, drawing new customers into the business.


“I think that the content itself has been great for building the Forever & Company brand,” Nguyen said. “It’s relevant, engaging, and actually useful to their audience.”


Overall, the provided proposal and execution was successful. Forever & Company has increased traction and maintained consistent, high-quality blog posts, bringing in a younger audience to the company. 


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