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Designing for Different Audiences

By: Amy Metzinger 

Great graphic and web design can communicate brand messaging, attract new people and easily share information in ways words cannot. But great designs don’t start with a sketch, in Photoshop or even with an idea – they start with understanding your audience.

Understanding Audience Demographics

When designing for your business, putting aside personal preferences to focus on your audience is absolutely essential. 

Consider the many ways just a few demographics could impact your design choices. What might be attractive to an older audience may not excite or speak to a younger audience. You might consider shying away from the bright, nostalgic colors and fonts that are more attractive to Gen-Z, and instead lean into more understated color schemes and typography selections that will instill trust and familiarity to Millenials. 

By using tools like Facebook Audience Insights, you can gain a greater understanding of who makes up your audience. Defining customer personas of who makes up your ideal target audience can help develop your understanding of your audience even further, as you are able to visualize your consumer more easily. Research on your competitors and what content seems to perform well can also point your brand to what might be attractive to your audience. 

Making Design Solutions

Beyond designing according to your audience’s wants and preferences, it is also crucial to design with your audience’s needs in mind. It doesn’t matter how eye-catching or beautiful your design might be if it is not legible or usable to your audience. 

Usability is especially important in web design, where it is crucial for your audience to understand the design of your site so they can easily access information about your brand. 

When designing for Gen-Z – a mobile-orientated demographic – prioritize responsive design in your website. And when designing for an older audience, consider font size and focus on ease of use. 

Finding a balance between your brand’s design guidelines and what is attractive to your target audience is crucial to great graphic and web design.  

If your design guidelines don’t align with your target audience’s wants and needs, you can always consider refreshing your brand’s look. Whether you’re looking for a design collateral or a brand refresh, the 1893 Brand Studio can help – contact us to schedule a consultation today.