By Lilly Behbehani 


Helium Agency Background

Helium Agency is a Durham-based full-service sports marketing agency specializing in content strategy, custom publishing, digital marketing and advertising solutions. Helium Agency helps its customers build their audience, connect them with loyal customers and grow their revenue streams. 


1893 Brand Studio Planning


1893 Brand Studio was hired by Helium Agency in March 2021 to build the inbound marketing side of its business. The Brand Studio pursued this objective by updating the Helium Agency website, rewriting outdated articles, creating new landing pages and adapting the website to fit on a mobile screen.

The Work

The Brand Studio updated articles the Helium Agency had previously produced for clients and their website to be more reader-friendly with an improved flow, clear relevance to the reader and properly placed pictures and graphics. The edited articles were designed to be evergreen on the Helium Agency’s website and adaptable to future republishing on its social media.  

In addition to article rewrites, the Brand Studio created landing pages to be paired with email marketing campaigns. Helium Agency already used landing pages for big-ticket/high-volume products, so the Brand Studio created more landing pages focusing on individual sports and offerings that would bring in more revenue. Our team created engaging landing pages for specific products and packages that would resonate with and draw in certain target audiences. 


Landing pages were created for volleyball uniform packages, cross country uniform packages, football (Good Game) packages, golf packages, tennis packages, school physical education packs and ROTC physical training packs. The target audiences for these landing pages included high school athletic directors, sport specific youth and high school coaches, sport specific travel teams and coaches. Lastly, the landing pages were made into mobile-friendly pages so site visitors can access them on their phone without any distortion of the page.