Alumni Spotlight: Tran Nguyen

by P.J. Morales

More than anything else, 1893 Brand Studio alum Tran Nguyen wants to make an impact on the world. 

In her current role as a Senior Account Executive at TBWA\WORLDHEALTH in New York City, she’s already been given that opportunity. Nguyen joined TBWA/WORLDHEATH with the goal to eventually work firsthand on campaigns and causes centered around rural healthcare, Black health equity, OBGYN work and more. 

“I just really have these ideas that I’m so passionate about, and this position in this industry gives me a lot of opportunity and connection to actually make a difference,” Nguyen said. “I really want to take advantage of that.”

Nguyen honed her talents for writing and strategy over the course of her two-year stint at the 1893 Brand Studio, during her junior and senior years at UNC-Chapel Hill. Her first year was spent on the campaigns team, improving her writing skills on a variety of projects. In her senior year, Nguyen shifted to account management, focusing on her client-facing skills while adjusting to her new managerial role.

As an account manager at 1893, Nguyen worked primarily with Forever and Company, a wedding design company, managing their published content for editing and publication. 

“We worked really closely with them, and it was just a great experience,” Nguyen said. “Client management, conflict management, managing people, which is a huge skill. And what I do now is just managing people… and just the balancing act of working while also being in college .”

It was Nguyen’s experiences with both Forever and Co. and 1893 that convinced her to go into client work. She discovered a deep love for talking to people and interacting with others to create something special — both with clients and her coworkers at the Brand Studio.

“It was really nice to go into the office every Friday and sit with people and hang out, those aspects of it just made college more,” Nguyen said of her time at 1893. “And in terms of professional development, I think it gives you a lot of hands-on experience with real client work. When I was a campaign strategist, I was writing stuff that I would actually see go live on websites, and that’s not something a lot of people have an opportunity to do at that age.”

Working at the 1893 Brand Studio and beyond has prepared Nguyen to fulfill her dream of leaving a lasting change on the world. At TBWA\WORLDHEALTH, she’s constantly working on both the industry side and the consumer side of healthcare to create better ways to bring pharma to those who need it. 

“I really love it,” Nguyen said. “It’s very fast-paced and it really challenges you, but also, it’s super rewarding to see the work that you do come to life, and to be a part of that from the very beginning to the very end.”