Alumni Spotlight: Samantha Hopper

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Samantha Hopper, a 2022 UNC alumni, began working at the Brand Studio when she was a sophomore, in January of 2020. During her time, she worked on the Campaigns team, eventually becoming the Campaigns Team Lead. In this role, Samantha delegated tasks, reviewed and edited work, and helped teach digital marketing and writing skills. She spoke with us to share her experience and advice. 

One of Samantha’s favorite clients to work with was Forever & Co., a wedding planning business. 

I loved writing and editing the blog posts for Forever & Co. We had so much creative freedom in terms of what we wrote about and how we wrote it,” said Samantha. 

At the Brand Studio, Samantha loved the collaborative aspect of the work. She enjoyed being able to have fun with coworkers during office hours, while getting work done. 

“It seemed like everyone was quick to jump in and help others with their work. The cohesive environment at the Brand Studio really shaped what I looked for in my job post grad,” Samantha said. 

Now, Samantha is working at Wunderkind, which is a performance marketing channel, specializing in delivering one-to-one messaging for e-commerce brands. Samantha is a Customer Success Associate, and focuses on helping clients execute high-impact strategic campaigns onsight, through email and through text channels. 

Samantha believes that working at Brand Studio helped her to be better prepared for the task management required at Wunderkind. 

“At the Brand Studio, I had my toes dipped into so many projects at once and had to seamlessly transition from one to the next on any given day,” Samantha said. 

Working at the Brand Studio also helped Samantha better communicate with clients at Wunderkind. She mentioned how every client measures success in a different way, so getting practice during her time at undergrad helped her to flow better between client communication and work post grad. 

Overall, Samantha is thankful for the opportunities that the Brand Studio provided her during undergrad and recognizes the way it has helped her in her current position. 

For current undergraduates, Samantha encourages them to reach out to alumni with any questions or concerns. She emphasized that looking for jobs can be stressful and a little scary, but what is coming next is even better! 

Samantha loves talking to Brand Studio staffers, so if anyone has questions about career paths or life in New York City, she’s always a resource to talk to!