Alumni Spotlight: Megan Royer

by Serene Almehmi

Megan Royer, a 2018 UNC Hussman School of Media and Journalism alum, presently holds the position of Strategic Communications Advisor at FGS Global in Washington DC.

Royer has been employed at FGS since graduation, where she discovered her passion for enhancing brand reputation through innovative communications strategies. At FGS, Royer serves as a generalist, contributing across various industries, including entertainment, healthcare, and education. One aspect she particularly enjoys about her role at FGS is its versatility.

“I love being a generalist. You get the best of all worlds,” Royer remarked. “Being able to engage in such a broad range of work always presents a new challenge. Even though I’ve held the same position for five and a half years, my day-to-day routine is constantly evolving.”

Royer became acquainted with FGS Global during a networking trip to DC organized by the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at UNC-Chapel Hill. She recognizes that the Hussman School introduced her to various opportunities; otherwise, she might not have encountered FGS, a boutique firm in the city she loves. Royer also acknowledges 1893 Brand Studio for equipping her with hands-on experience that she carried forward to her current role.

Royer joined 1893 Brand Studio in its inaugural year. During her tenure as a Campaigns Specialist, she played a key role in organizing a gala for The Daily Tar Heel that raised $43,000 to support student journalism. Royer decided early in her college career that she wanted to work for a public relations agency and she joined 1893 Brand Studio because it aligned perfectly with her career aspirations. 

“1893 is a great sample of what agency life is like,” Royer said. 

Royer enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with real-life clients in the local community and felt well-prepared for her transition into the professional world. Her writing and communication abilities flourished and she gained exposure to event planning, all skills she could apply and develop beyond graduation. 

Royer cherishes her time at 1893 Brand Studio and the Hussman School because they provided her with a holistic educational experience and she recognizes them as instrumental parts of her post-grad success. 

“After I graduated, I realized how valuable the experiences at 1893 and the Hussman School were,” she shared. “Combined, they provided the perfect preparation for my career. Reflecting on my time there, I appreciate it even more.”