By: Samantha Hopper

The Client

Alamance Community College was one of the first organized community colleges in North Carolina. ACC’s student body is more than 5,000 students and it offers 25 workforce development programs as well as apprenticeships. ACC also offers students mentoring through the Women in Industrial Science, Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing (WiSDEM) program. 

The College offers technical courses as well as university transfer courses. ACC curriculums include Business, Arts and Sciences, Health and Public Services and Industrial Technologies.

The Problem

ACC was struggling with applications to its various programs, due to outdated promotional material and no effective way to reach new audiences and draw prospective students. 

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ACC came to 1893 Brand Studio with the challenge of increasing the number of applicants to its workforce development, apprenticeship, and WiSDEM programs by the end of 2020.

The Strategy

To reach more applicants, 1893 Brand Studio proposed telling the story of 25 unique workforce development programs, the apprenticeship program, and WiSDEM programs in the form of 40-plus one-minute videos optimized for social channels. The campaign for ACC included other aspects such as lead generation and Facebook ads.

Prospective students can watch the video to go on a virtual tour of each program from a current student. Students at Alamance Community College tell their stories through the videos, which are proven tools to increase engagement and reach new audiences.

“There really wasn’t a way for potential students to learn what the programs are like, and what they can expect to do after graduating,” said Jake Mory, the 2021-22 managing director of 1893 Brand Studio who was the Alamance Community College project manager during the 2020-21 school year. 

“With the video series, we are providing a resource for people to see firsthand what ACC is, and give them confidence that they will learn the skills needed to be successful in the 21st century workforce.”

The videos use b-roll footage of classes and the campus and messaging like “Alamance Community College gave me the second chance I needed,”  or “Before I came to Alamance Community College, I was making $X an hour. Now, I’m looking at jobs where I could make $X.”

The Outcome 

While the video campaign is still in progress and certain videos have yet to be filmed, existing clips have been included in Facebook Ads for Alamance Community College. 

To give you a look at how these campaigns have worked so far, Animal Care and Management video received four thousand impressions and 75 conversions in just three weeks. The Horticulture video received over 12 thousand impressions and 459 clicks in that same time frame. 

Once all 28 videos are complete, they will be up on the Alamance Community College website. From there, we’ll be able to track engagement and measure success of the videos based on applications to ACC’s workforce development programs.

An example of the Horticulture video included in a Facebook ad for ACC.