Top 10 tips to stay successful and sane while learning online

Meeting with your instructors in online office hours or by request is a great way to make sure you’re retaining material and staying connected. Even if you’re not sure they have availability, it never hurts to ask! Source: Photo from Julia M. Cameron at

Now that classes at UNC are online through the summer, it’s time to move from surviving to thriving in this new setting.

If you’re taking advantage of the all-online UNC Summer School course catalogue to knock out a few prerequisites, folks in the UNC community who are no stranger to online learning a few tips to share to master this transition and come out of this summer with strong grades and a good learning experience, too.

“There’s a big difference between our current emergency situation and how online is normally,” said Paul Wolff, instructional design manager for the Carolina Office of Online Learning (COOL). “But there’s still a lot students can do to make this easier.”

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