By Anne Claire Foreman 

Fully engaging with followers goes much deeper than just producing content for your company’s pages. 

Strong engagement includes commenting, sharing and interacting with posts to further your brand image.

When brainstorming on how to boost your social media engagement, the most crucial element is to know your audience. Consistency in tone, diction and style that appeals to your target audience is the first step to boosting engagement.

Show appreciation 

Do you have a follower who tweets your company frequently with positive reviews or feedback? A quick response telling them that you have noticed them and are thankful for their support can go a long way. 

Giveaways or contests showing recognition are another great way to engage with followers, although they can lack authenticity if used too frequently. Encouraging followers to compete in a contest or interact with your account boosts engagement, and can lead to a more favorable outlook towards your company.

Engaging with followers to share appreciation shows that you genuinely care about your supporters and are willing to go above and beyond for them.

Address concerns or complaints

In addition to being a place to highlight positive feedback, social media is also a great platform to address concerns or complaints. 

Twitter is a great source of two-way communication with consumers and a platform you can use to respond directly to followers’ concerns. 

It is important to plan ahead for what concerns you will respond to, and how you will respond. This way you come across as consistent instead of choosing whose problems are more important at random.

Instagram polls are another way to measure follower satisfaction and gather quantitative data. You can use polls on story posts for 24 hours to quantify the opinions of your followers. 

Maintain a constant presence 

If you don’t already have a consistent social media calendar, it’s time to start planning. Interacting with followers in a timely manner and posting frequently shows that you are present and in touch. 

In general, you should post on Instagram and LinkedIn once a week and on Facebook and Twitter multiple times a week. But being present goes beyond posting.Responding to follower’s direct messages and acknowledging their mentions is another way to build social media presence engagement.

Be topical

A general rule of thumb to maintaining successful social media accounts is to be topical. This is also an important element in interacting with followers. 

Staying on top of big events, like holidays or pop culture news can help you instantly connect with your followers. 

For example, if you’re trying to boost engagement on your graphic design company’s LinkedIn, you could share an article on the logo design for Super Bowl ads, or comment on a post made by the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Followers notice when companies go out of their way to be topical and will categorize yours as being more relevant and trendy for doing so. 

For more information

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