Owned content

Content is king, and without owned content, your website and communication channels would be empty. Owned content includes:

  • Blog posts
  • Staff bios
  • Articles
  • Web copy
  • Social media
  • Company Assets 
  • Any other written content for your site and communication channels

The more blog content you have with relevant keywords, the more your site will show up in search results, which will ensure people know about your services and product. Owned content is permanent, and you can reuse or recycle it by converting a blog post into an infographic, for example.

The 1893 Brand Studio has a campaigns team of professional content creators who will develop a fresh content strategy for your site. The Brand Studio’s content team can:

  • Create fresh, new owned content for your site
  • Rewrite existing owned content to appeal to your target audience
  • Interview your team for personality pieces
  • Produce web content that positions your team as experts in their field

The 1893 Brand Studio produces high-quality owned content that attracts more visitors to your site, motivates potential and current customers to purchase your services, and improves business.

Native content on

Native advertisements are an innovative, effective means of brand advertising that effectively get your message and brand out there.

Sponsored content ads are native to the sites on which they live. They mimic the tone and voice of other Daily Tar Heel articles but are labeled as sponsored content.

According to a 2016 study by IHS Technology, native ads are significantly more effective than regular advertisements. The study found that:

  • Users spent 40% more time engaging with native advertisements than standard ads
  • Users were able to recall 2x as much about brands with native ads than ones with standard ads
  • Mobile users paid 3x more attention to native ads than standard banner ads
  • Mobile native ads performed up to 10x better than standard mobile display ads

The result of this is increased engagement and a more favorable impression of your business. A well-written native ad requires strong writing skills, which is where the 1893 Brand Studio comes in.

The 1893 Brand Studio’s content creation team includes skilled writers with experience in writing engaging, targeted sponsored content. Brand Studio content creators conduct interviews and research before writing branded native advertisements that target UNC students or people in the Orange County area. These are then posted to receives about 47,000 unique visitors every week. The website’s readership includes UNC students, faculty and parents as well as the Chapel Hill and Orange County community. This large audience ensures broad exposure for your business’ native ad, and the more exposure you get, the better your sales.


More than 80% of consumers always buy from brands they feel strong emotional connections with. They’re also willing to spend more money on them.

Effective marketing and branding is all about personal connection and emotional engagement. Newsletters are a low-cost, effective means of creating that engagement.

Newsletters create a direct link between your brand and your customers. Email newsletters, in particular, are a top business-to-consumer content marketing method. High-quality, engaging newsletters enable you to:

  • Attract new website visitors – You can always recycle newsletter content to use on your website and drive traffic. This will increase the likelihood that your website can be found online, whether that’s through social media or search engines.
  • Create brand recognition and awareness – With a specific style and consistent content, newsletters can help you distinguish your company. The more easily customers are able to recognize your brand, the more likely they’ll be to invest in it.
  • Retain current and previous customers – Newsletters maintain a positive link of connection so you can stay in touch, ensure customers are aware of all your services and improve your chances of repeat business.
  • Generate word-of-mouth referrals – 81% of consumers who feel emotional connections to brands will promote them to family and friends, according to a Capgemini Digital Transformation Institute survey. Creating an emotional connection via newsletters will ensure that your brand gets more word-of-mouth exposure.
  • Network and build contacts – Offering consumers newsletters subscription allows you to get ahold of their contact information, and you can network with other professionals in your field by offering them features in your newsletters or asking to add them to your subscription list.
  • Build brand value – Create a positive association by offering website visitors something in exchange for newsletter subscriptions, such as a discount on products or services. This can help you convert website visitors into potential clients and customers.

Sound challenging, overwhelming, and time-consuming? That’s because it is. A strong newsletter is extremely valuable. It’s also no easy task.

There are many newsletters out there, but few of them achieve their intended results. The 1893 Brand Studio team is looking to change that. With a motivated, energetic, adaptable team that’s eager to go the extra mile to distinguish your brand, we can create a newsletter that meets all of the above requirements and more.

Work Samples

WCHL: Chapel Hill Toffee

WCHL: Chapel Hill Toffee

Chapel Hill Toffee From the shelves of Southern Season in Chapel Hill all the way out to Oregon, Chapel Hill Toffee has stolen the hearts and the taste buds of sweet-toothed people nationwide. Karen Graves formally founded the company in 2008, as...

WCHL:  Ice & Lab

WCHL: Ice & Lab

 Ice & Lab If you’re looking to check out a cool new spot on Franklin Street, look no further than Ice & Lab, Chapel Hill’s first rolled ice cream shop. The quaint pink storefront at 405 W. Franklin Street is owned and managed by Andy Chen and Nick Ni....

WCHL: Napoli

WCHL: Napoli

Napoli What started as a lone food truck three years ago has blossomed into a brick-and-mortar eatery in Carrboro. Napoli, the local Neapolitan pizza food truck complete with a built in wood fired oven, has moved into a new storefront on Main Street. According to Gael...

WCHL: Extraordinary Ventures Gifts

WCHL: Extraordinary Ventures Gifts

Extraordinary Ventures Gifts The best gifts are made locally, right here in the Triangle. Extraordinary Ventures Gifts — also known as EV Gifts — offers soy candles, bath and body products and jewelry, all crafted by adults with developmental disabilities in...

WCHL:  The House at Gatewood

WCHL: The House at Gatewood

 The House at Gatewood Chef Ron Spada and his wife Jennifer have created a unique dining experience at their new restaurant, The House at Gatewood. Situated in a home previously owned by Dr. Gatewood, a local dentist, the Spadas have created a concept to honor...

WCHL: Olio & Aceto Cafe

WCHL: Olio & Aceto Cafe

Olio & Aceto Cafe If you ask to add a red tomato to your sandwich this month at Olio & Aceto Cafe, there’s a good chance that you won’t get one. Restaurant owner Suzie Keenan and manager Andy Campbell make seasonal freshness and quality ingredients focal to...

WCHL: Lavender Oak Farm

WCHL: Lavender Oak Farm

Lavender Oak Farm Spanning 60 acres of purple majestic forest, beautiful scenery, gift shops, taste testing and more, Lavender Oaks Farm is just five minutes from downtown Chapel Hill and can fulfill all of your lavender needs. Lavender Oaks Farm owners Karen and...

WCHL: Pho Happiness

WCHL: Pho Happiness

Pho Happiness Restaurant owner and pho connoisseur Andy Hoang keeps a 56-ounce jar of peanut M&M’s and a cup of Vietnamese instant coffee with him at all times while at work. “I’m down to an average of three to four hours of sleep a night on average, the coffee...

WCHL: White Oak Pottery

WCHL: White Oak Pottery

White Oak Pottery Julie Olson, along with Pete Cozart — whom she has lovingly coined her “house-husband” — own and operate White Oak Pottery in Durham. Both are potters, but Cozart is in charge of cooking, cleaning and organizing, according to Olson. Olson did not...

WCHL: Honeysuckle Teahouse and Cafe

WCHL: Honeysuckle Teahouse and Cafe

Honeysuckle Teahouse and Cafe Could Chapel Hill natives be as mellow and laid-back as Californians? Annie Heth, the manager of Honeysuckle Teahouse and Cafe and a UC Berkeley graduate, sure thinks so. The Honeysuckle Teahouse is an open-air farm stand built...

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