By: Shepard Barnes

Have you considered the importance of your professional headshot photo? LinkedIn and company websites often feature a headshot photo, and it is important to demonstrate professionalism. Execution is key when it comes to ensuring that these pictures portray your desired appearance. Nail your first impression with a professional headshot by following these important guidelines.

Have you considered your outfit?

Even with a small portion of your outfit in the picture, your choice of attire is going to send a message. 

As a safe option for any role, opt for a clean and ironed blouse or collared shirt. For more professional roles, throw a black or navy blazer on top. Clothes below the chest are likely not going to be visible in the final photo, so do not worry too much about needing a full suit or skirt.

It’s all in the lighting.

Many professionals miss this important step when planning their headshot photo. In an outdoor setting, lighting will be heavily impacted by the nearby terrain and infrastructure. Trees and buildings can cast shadows that could distort your picture. Be sure to find a well-lit area with minimal shadows – but not in direct sunlight.

Soft lighting is ideal. If the photography shoot is outside, the best time of day is during the afternoon before the sun begins to set. 

Planning the lighting in the picture is quite often the make-or-break aspect of a fantastic headshot photo.

Find an appropriate background  

The name of the game is simplicity. Highly patterned backgrounds are far too distracting and take away from the key feature of the photo – you! The background should not be black or white, but rather a light color with minimal designs. 

If taken outside, brick walls or foliage are a fantastic option. Indoor studio wallpapers are simple and easy to use – plus, they provide the added benefit of consistent lighting.  

Better cameras make for better quality

Now is the time to put that DSLR into action. Leave behind your iPhone and take advantage of the higher quality images that a camera can create. 

This can make the difference between a generic headshot and a photo that helps you stand out in a crowd. If you do not own one yourself, ask a friend or hire a local photographer like the team at 1893 Brand Studio to help out.

With so many ways to achieve your best look in a headshot photo, it can be hard to nail the best combination of materials and settings. These basic guidelines will give you a solid start.

We can take the stress of headshots off of your plate

At 1893 Brand Studio, we understand that even when you can take your own headshot photo, you may not want to deal with the hassle. Contact us today to set up a headshot shoot for your company or yourself.